Coco Hydro Mix - Original - .78 Oz - Case Of 15

Coco Hydro Mix - Original - .78 Oz - Case Of 15

Coco Hydro

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Coco Hydro Mix - Original - .78 Oz - Case Of 15 by Coco Hydro

Coco Hydro was developed as an alternative to the unsustainable practice of shipping coconut water around the world, as coconut water is on average 97% water and only 3% nutrients. This means there is a considerable carbon footprint created by needlessly shipping 97% more weight around the globe for only 3% of its nutrients. Did you know that over 1,500 plastic bottles are used in the US every SECOND? We created Coco Hydro as part of our ongoing mission to be part of the solution. So how do we do it? We take young luscious Indonesian coconuts at the height of their nutritional content, evaporate the water, concentrate the nutrients and pack them in an easy to use, on-the-go solution for our modern lifestyle. With Coco Hydro you can incorporate the benefits of coconut water with responsibility that neatly offers flexibility and portability unlike any other healthy beverage. Perfect for the home, the office, the great outdoors, the daily workout, mountain bike ride and extreme sports, or just as an everyday delicious beverage. It's a convenient healthy alternative to sports drinks and soda. For Sports Nutrition enthusiasts, Coco Hydro Sport provides a non-synthetic, non-isolate, whole nutrient alternative to artificial powders. For coconut water drinks, Coco Hydro offers a more environmentally friendly, lower carbon footprint and a farm more convenient and sustainable option than bottled coconut water. HEALTH BENEFITS: High in the 5 essential electrolytes your thirsty cells and swooning heart love: Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, Manganese and Magnesium. Super portable - one 275gm pouch of COCO HYDRO is about 25 servings (depending on your strength of flavor). This means you can really carry it around with you pretty much anywhere. MUCH easier than carrying around 25 bottles of coconut water or 25 coconuts!... again, we tried. More sustainable - were not shipping water around the world just for the 3% nutrients. Nope. Were bringing the nutrients to you so you can Jack and Jill up the hill to fetch a pale of water from your local water well. And because we arent shipping water around the world, we can bring this super duper product to you at super duper prices! Crazy Eddy would be sooooo happy! We add a pinch of Ionic Trace Minerals to each batch to make sure you are getting your absolute critical dose of trace minerals in your diet. When all food was organic and the soil rich and fertile, this wasnt an issue. But with the stress that our modern soil is put under and the depletion of vital nutrients in our soils, most of us lack these essential trace minerals that our cells crave. We be watching your back... just want you to be healthy. And it tastes great! Its really pretty simple. Its a great product that serves your coconut water addiction at a lower price which also cuts down on fossil fuel usage, it tastes great and you can bring it anywhere. Hallelujah!
Ingredients : Coconut water powder, tapioca dextrose, sea salt, ionic trace minerals, ascorbic acid, citric acid, natural flavor and vegetable based coloring in flavored skus.
Country of origin : Indonesia
Gluten Free : Yes
Yeast Free : Yes
Wheat Free : Yes
Vegan : Yes
Fair Trade : Yes
Size : .78 OZ
Pack of : 15

Product Selling Unit : case

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